An Introduction to HER Startup

Funded by the IRCC, the HER Startup program was designed to support refugee women entrepreneurs in their efforts to launch their businesses; this is done through skills training, networking, incubation, funding, and business consultations!

Our Partners:

For this year’s cohort, we have the pleasure of working alongside Shopify, an all-in-one e-commerce platform that allows entrepreneurs to start, run, and grow a business.

Shopify will provide us ample support in managing a storefront, providing us with domains, and helping ensure that our entrepreneurs are prepared to manage and grow their startups.

To find out more about Shopify, click below:

Classroom News:

On September 7th, our HER Startup participants began their 6-month learning journey, where they will be partaking in workshops regarding entrepreneurial skills and business communications, led by our wonderful experts, Omer Qadri and Rania Younes. This year, we are focusing on the launch of ecommerce businesses.

Our Instructors:

This year, we have the privilege of working alongside our two very talented and hardworking instructors, Rania Younes and Omer Qadri. To learn more about our team members and our instructors, please visit our Who We Are page.



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